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“After 20 minutes my skin’s dryness had completely disappeared and its elasticity restored. A week after applying the mask my skin still felt moisturised and supple.”

“A stash of no-mess no-fuss mask sheets are a COSMO girls must-have. They are refreshing and leave your skin glowing.”

“Skin Republic face masks make your skin happy by improving elasticity and boosting moisture levels.”

“Leaves you looking like you’ve had a professional facial.”

“Skin Republic Face Mask was easy to apply and felt soothing. Afterwards my skin felt plump and well hydrated.”

“Great for a quick fix when you need to boost tired eyes before a night out. They are easy to apply and remove, and are very gentle.”

“Fresh to go and super hydrating.”

“Use the Skin Republic Foot Repair, an intensive moisture treatment to soothe rough and chapped feet.”

“Turn back time with the Skin Republic Collagen Under Eye Patches.”

“Hook yourself up with the Foot Rescue, a dermatological treatment that helps relieve itching and burning.”

“My best kept beauty secret? I use a Skin Republic face mask once a week, every week.”

“The Skin Republic Foot Peel is like a makeover for feet.”

“This handy Foot Peel got rid of all the rough skin so my feet look and feel super smooth.”

“I’ve always been a fan of the Skin Republic products, they work! “

“Prevent and treat pigmentation problems with this miracle worker, the Skin Republic Brightening Face Mask.”

“If your feet feel like they could do with some TLC try the Foot Rescue to maintain soft, smooth feet.”


    Skin Republic’s full range of 12 products focuses on skin care for the face, under the eyes, neck and décolletage, hands and feet...

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    Skin Republic is available in selected countries.

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    Rather than using conventional creams which only stay on the surface of the skin, Skin Republic uses the latest developments in skin care technology...

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